Build Transparency & Trust With Your Community

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, establishing trust and transparency with your user base is paramount. Voluntarily engaging in Know Your Customer (KYC) services demonstrates your commitment to legitimacy and integrity. At Crypto Legal, we offer industry-leading KYC services tailored to project teams in the crypto space.


  • Private Identity Verification: We understand the importance of maintaining anonymity while verifying the identity of your team. Our rigorous vetting process ensures the highest standards of data protection while providing credible verification for project teams.
  • Leverage Leading Platforms: Many leading exchanges and launchpads now require KYC for project teams. Partnering with Crypto Legal gives you access to a larger investor base by meeting these platform requirements.
  • Gold Standard Verification: Our process for identity verification is robust and efficient. We prioritize data integrity while offering a fast, easy, and convenient experience for our clients.


  • Clear Accountability: We announce clear accountability, ownership, and role responsibility for individual project leaders, ensuring transparency throughout the verification process.
  • Secure Encryption: Your identity data is securely encrypted and stored for long-term security and anonymity confidence.
  • Extensive Visibility: Gain unmatched project visibility with extensive promotional and announcement collaterals, boosting your project’s credibility and legitimacy.
  • Personalized Service: Our team of experienced investigators provides a personal and friendly process, backed by a legally registered UK company, giving you total confidence in the verification process.


  • KYC Gold Verified: Projects demonstrating the highest level of verifiable information and a longstanding relationship with Crypto Legal.
  • KYC Silver Verified: Projects providing substantial verifiable information and a moderate relationship duration with Crypto Legal.
  • KYC Bronze Verified: Projects with basic verifiable information and a newer relationship with Crypto Legal.


The KYC Badges display key information on a project team’s geographical risk, the number of core team members that verified their identity with Crypto Legal, and the project creation date. Additionally, the KYC timeline details each step of the due diligence process and its initiation date.

1 – Geographical Risk

Geographical Risk assesses the potential risk linked to a project team’s location and distribution. It considers various factors, including official international risk ratings, bilateral agreements for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters (MLA), mechanisms for international asset recovery, compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, and enforcement of fraud crimes. Projects receive classification into Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 based on the following framework:

  • Class 1: Low geographical risk
  • Class 2: Moderate geographical risk
  • Class 3: High geographical risk

The location of the project team and its members is confidential and will never be publicly disclosed on the KYC Badge or the Crypto Legal website.

2 – Core Team Members

The core team behind a project has a significant impact on the reliability and security of a project. The KYC team conducts a review with the primary project owner and other key team members to determine which members are considered key to the project, from a security perspective. Crypto Legal KYC allows project teams to uphold their public anonymity while confidentially verifying their identity with our team.

3 – Project Creation Date

Project Creation Date refers to the date the team launched their project.

The Crypto Legal KYC Process

Crypto Legal KYC is a multi-step comprehensive due diligence process that determines the allocation of a KYC Badge. Only projects that successfully pass this process will receive a KYC Badge, which can be one of three different badge awards: KYC Gold Verified, KYC Silver Verified, and KYC Bronze Verified.

Submit Documentation

Provide necessary documentation for verification.

Internal Review

Our experienced investigators conduct an internal review of the submitted documentation.

KYC Badge Issuance

Upon successful completion of the process, your project is issued the Crypto Legal KYC Badge, serving as verifiable proof of compliance and boosting trust within your community.

Don’t let uncertainty hinder your project’s success. Partner with Crypto Legal for industry-leading KYC services and build trust with your investors and community. Request a quote and have your project team KYC verified today!

Crypto Legal KYC enables project teams to maintain their public anonymity while privately verifying their identity with our team.

Secure Process

Project teams can safely de-anonymize with Crypto Legal’s KYC process. We maintain the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

Experienced Investigators

Our team is comprised of experienced investigators with the resources, capacity, and expertise to facilitate your KYC process.

Trusted Provider Of KYC

Crypto Legal is recognised as a market-leading provider of KYC. Our team holds Certified Blockchain & KYC Professional certifications issued by the Blockchain Council, guaranteeing adherence to the highest standards in KYC practices.
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