Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with clients outside the UK?

Yes, we work with clients worldwide.

What kind of personal information would you need to start working on my case?

We would only need your full name and passport or ID number to prepare the claim and litigate on your behalf.

We will never ask for sensitive information like passwords or private keys.

Is Crypto Legal a registered company?

Yes, Crypto Legal LTD is a fully registered company in the UK (Company number 13432075).

We comply with all local and international laws and regulations that apply to our business operations.

How do you accept payments?

We accept payments via PayPal, bank transfers and crypto-assets.

The following currencies are accepted through local payments: USD | AUD | CAD | EURO | HUF | RON | NZD | SGD | TRY

As for crypto assets we are currently accepting BTC | ETH | LTC | XMR | USDC | DAI


How much is the firm consultation fee?

Crypto Legal provides free consultation with our support team. If you would like to arrange for a consultation with one of our solicitors, our hourly rate is £450.

Do you also provide assistance with other types of online fraud?

Yes, we are specialised in cryptocurrencies and blockchain fraud, but we also work with other types of online scams, like Forex scams, phishing scams or Tax scams.

Is my privacy safe with Crypto Legal?

We encrypt the storage of our entire database, its associated backups and its transaction log files. This security feature involves the use of so-called “Transparent Data Encryption”. The encryption uses an industry-standard, FIPS 140-2 validated, AES-256 symmetric encryption key. This key is protected by a certificate that is rotated at least every 90 days. This approach is a requirement of many industry standards (HIPAA, PCI). It also a key technical factor for meeting our EU GDPR obligations.

I received an email or phone call claiming to be from Crypto Legal. Is it legit?

To ensure authenticity, please verify that any emails you receive from Crypto Legal originate from the domain “@cryptolegal.uk”. We exclusively employ this domain for all our official correspondence.

If you suspect that you have received a fraudulent email or phone call, please take the following steps:

Contact us immediately to report the incident by sending an email to info@cryptolegal.uk. Provide us with details of the suspicious email for further investigation.

Forward the suspicious email, including the email headers, to PhishFort at phishing@phishfort.com. They specialise in identifying and handling phishing attempts.

  • Verify websites and research the background of people involved in the cryptocurrency, avoid anything that seems vague or is not clear.
  • Use reputable and regulated exchanges.
  • Consults experts in the space or speak with your financial advisor before investing any money in cryptocurrencies.
  • The temptation to become wealthy overnight in this space is big, don’t fall victim to false promises and flashy sales pitches
  • When looking for a cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrency, make sure it is regulated and licensed.
  • Be careful about leaving cryptocurrency on any exchange for any long period of time, consider purchasing a cold-storage hardware wallet.