Crypto Legal is a UK-based blockchain forensics and legal services provider, specialising in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our core mission is to empower companies and individuals to navigate and succeed in the face of the constant challenges and risks presented by the ever-evolving market.

At Crypto Legal, we understand the unique complexities and nuances of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. With our deep expertise and experience, we offer tailored legal and forensic solutions to address the specific needs of our clients.

Our team is composed of highly skilled legal and forensic experts who possess extensive knowledge in a wide range of fields, including cyber-fraud, blockchain technology, claims, disputes, AML compliance and asset recovery. With a global reach, we provide comprehensive services in these areas, catering to clients worldwide.

Our solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and The Law Society, ensuring a strong commitment to professionalism and ethical standards. With a well-established reputation in handling fraud cases, our solicitors bring extensive experience to the table.

Our forensic analysts undergo rigorous training and certification in complex transaction tracing, equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate intricate transactions effectively. All investigations are led by a Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner (CTCE™) and Certified Compliance Professional in Cryptocurrency Financial Crimes (CCPC™).

What distinguishes us is the unique structure and size of our firm, enabling us to provide a truly personalised service to our clients. Our partners and main associates are dedicated to delivering efficiency at every stage of the process, ensuring the utmost protection and safeguarding of your investments. We prioritise your financial interests and work tirelessly to meet your specific needs, offering a level of care and attention that sets us apart in the industry.

About Crypto Legal

Our History

Based in London, United Kingdom, Crypto Legal has been fighting for the rights of its customers in the crypto sphere since 2017.

We enjoy a good relationship with our regional, national and international clients, ferociously guarding their lawful interests, no matter what. We recognise the privilege of being a trusted advisor to our clients.

We realise that what we do for our clients has the potential to affect them personally. As a firm, we are tenacious and dynamic in our approach to practising the law. Whilst acting with integrity in all our dealings, we look for innovative ways of resolving our client’s issues without being constrained by convention.

We provide advice, and legal and forensic assistance on a wide range of corporate, commercial and personal blockchain related issues, no matter how complex the issue, you can trust us to deliver a high standard of service. 


Thomas Kearney

Thomas Kearney

Director & Partner at Crypto Legal

Our legal and forensic team comprises highly esteemed professionals who have earned well-deserved recognition in their respective areas of expertise. We are especially honoured to collaborate with Manuel Duenas, a legal practitioner ranked among Europe’s top AML and fraud lawyers. His addition to our firm strengthens our capabilities and reinforces our reputation as a leading authority in combating fraud, prosecuting transnational financial crimes, and facilitating asset recovery.

With a collective wealth of expertise and a proven track record in handling complex fraud cases, our team’s accomplishments and accolades underscore their unwavering dedication and exceptional proficiency.

Consequently, our firm has established itself as a trusted destination for clients seeking top-notch legal representation and strategic counsel in cryptocurrency-related matters. Our steadfast commitment to excellence, combined with the formidable expertise of our team, ensures that our clients receive unparalleled service and robust advocacy as they pursue justice in their crypto-related cases.

In addition to our core services, we provide a comprehensive range of valuable solutions to meet your specific needs. Our offerings include expert regulatory compliance, corporate structuring and token launch advisory services, meticulous contract drafting, and thorough policy and research analysis. We take great pride in working with Anand Purushottam, one of the industry’s most distinguished and experienced lawyers specialising in these fields.

Anand Purushottam’s work at Crypto Legal is focused on advising projects from Blockchain, crypto, web3, NFT and related sectors. He has advised projects on a wide spectrum of legal issues ranging from incorporation, issue of tokens, exchange listing, and token analysis, to obtaining licences, liaisoning with regulatory authorities and tax planning. His clients include QuillAudit, KrypC, Zeeve, CoinDCX, Kira Studio, CarretX and ChainCode Consulting.

Anand is a certified Blockchain & Law professional by the Blockchain Council and also a member of the Blockchain Forum (IBF) and Blockchain Working Group of the Institute of Engineering & Technology. Anand has previously worked with consultancy firm EY and law firm Lumiere Law Partners, where he advised and represented leading MNCs and companies including Microsoft, Adobe, NTT Data, Mercedes, Rayban and Sony.

Our team has extensive expertise in crypto tracing, asset recovery, and fraud cases and has undergone rigorous training from CipherTrace, a respected entity owned by Mastercard and recognized for its leading position in crypto intelligence. With access to Ciphertrace Armada, the industry-leading tool trusted by law enforcement agencies worldwide for tracking crypto assets, our team is equipped with cutting-edge technology to uncover crucial insights and resolve intricate cryptocurrency-related matters.

Our forensic team is led by Alex Ferrer, a Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner (CTCE) and Certified Compliance Professional in Cryptocurrency Financial Crimes (CCPC™) with vast experience in Cryptocurrency Investigations, AML Compliance and Financial Crime. Alex is a highly experienced commercial analyst with an extensive background in the field. For several years, he has dedicated his expertise to serving the government in several embassies across the globe, where he played a crucial role in analyzing commercial data. Moreover, Alex holds a master’s degree in international trade and commerce, which has honed his understanding of global business dynamics.

In addition to his academic achievements, Alex has pursued specialized certifications in the domain of Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters. Furthermore, he is a distinguished professional with Digital Forensics certification (DFE), attesting to his advanced knowledge and proficiency in the rapidly evolving world of digital assets and blockchain technology.

Alex Ferrer

We are committed to delivering exceptional service and continuously strive to provide the utmost level of quality and satisfaction to our clients

We thrive on the knowledge that our clients are put at ease, with peace of mind that their matters will be dealt with competently and consistently by a dedicated member of our team.

At Crypto Legal, we strive to constantly deliver exceptional standards of service with the aim of minimising the impact of any dispute on your personal or business life.