Crypto Legal is an international law firm specialised in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, committed to helping companies and individuals to compete in an ever-changing market.

We are a team of UK based experts in cyber-fraud and blockchain claims and litigations servicing global clients.

Crypto Legal tracing analysts are trained and certified in complex transaction tracing. 

As cyber criminals operate without borders and across multiple jurisdictions, law enforcement struggle to correctly identify foreign offenders. As a private company, Crypto Legal does not operate with the same restrictions as law enforcement and we can identify the correct individuals responsible. Our expertise is in the investigation and intelligence collection environment. 

The structure and size of our firm guarantees a personalised service by our partners and main associates delivering efficiency at every step to protect your investments.

About Crypto Legal

Our History

Based in London, United Kingdom, Crypto Legal has been fighting for the rights of its customers in the crypto sphere since 2017.

We enjoy a good relationship with our regional, national and international clients, ferociously guarding their lawful interests, no matter what. We recognise the privilege of being a trusted advisor to our clients.

We recognise that what we do for our clients has the potential to affect them personally. As a firm, we are tenacious and dynamic in our approach to practising the law. Whilst acting with integrity in all our dealings, we look for innovative ways of resolving our clients’ issues without being constrained by convention.

We provide advice and legal assistance on a wide range of corporate, commercial and personal blockchain related issues, no matter how complex the issue, you can trust us to deliver a high standard of service. 


CEO & Partner of Crypto Legal

Crypto Legal’s Skills

All legal services are tailor-made, highly confidential and comprehensive. We guarantee the highest level product and service.
Practice Area80%
Customer Satisfaction95%
Firm Size70%
Success Case90%

We strive to provide the best service

We thrive on the knowledge that our clients are put at ease, with peace of mind that their matter will be dealt with competently and consistently by a dedicated member of our team.

At Crypto Legal we strive to constantly deliver exceptional standards of service with the aim of minimising the impact of any dispute on your personal or business life.