With 16 Industry Awards, Crypto Legal is Recognised as the UK Leader in Blockchain Legal and Forensic Services

With a focus on claims, disputes, AML compliance, financial fraud and asset recovery, Crypto Legal has become the UK’s leading blockchain legal and forensics firm. The firm is proud to share its remarkable accomplishments from the previous year, which include winning 16 industry awards. Notably, prestigious organizations like the European Legal Awards, the Global Law Experts Annual Awards, and Lawyer International’s Legal 100 Awards—which is known for identifying the top 100 international professional firms—awarded Crypto Legal the title of “Best Blockchain Law Firm of 2024”.

Crypto Legal Awards

Along with receiving recognition from the industry, Crypto Legal was touched to be selected by the general public in BlockSurvey community polls as the “Best Crypto Law Firm in 2024″. These honours and accolades highlight Crypto Legal’s high standards and commitment to offering first-rate legal and forensic services in the quickly changing cryptocurrency market.

“We feel privileged to be acknowledged by professionals in the field and the general public”, stated Manuel Duenas, Blockchain and Fraud Lawyer at Crypto Legal. “These honours are a testament to our team’s perseverance and hard work, as we always aim to provide our clients with outstanding results.”

Moreover, Crypto Legal has established noteworthy collaborations with prominent entities in the cryptocurrency sector, such as Hash Ex and LATOKEN. Together with Crypto Legal, Hash Ex, a well-known authority on blockchain security, will offer thorough security audits of blockchain development and smart contracts. Hash Ex contributes unmatched experience to Crypto Legal’s service portfolio, having successfully protected more than $3.8 billion over the course of more than 1,300 projects.

On the other hand, LATOKEN, a quickly developing cryptocurrency exchange that has risen to the top of CoinmarketCap’s listings, highlights its growing influence and market presence. This advancement perfectly aligns with the firm’s main goal of offering clients all-encompassing legal support while they navigate the intricacies of the cryptocurrency industry.

Furthermore, the company has proven adept at handling intricate legal issues, such as recovering money in multiple anti-money laundering (AML) cases involving well-known exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken. In addition, the company has recovered over 7 million GBP from fraud cases in the past year, proving its unparalleled expertise in combating various forms of cryptocurrency fraud, including phishing scams, Ponzi schemes, hacking incidents, pig butchering scams and fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICO). This remarkable achievement not only sets a higher standard for asset recovery but also emphasises the growing threat posed by cryptocurrency fraud. As a result, the company strengthened its forensic division by hiring more analysts to meet the increasing demand for its services.

The team at Crypto Legal is made up of seasoned legal and forensic professionals with extensive experience in a variety of fields, such as asset recovery, financial fraud, blockchain technology, AML, regulatory compliance, claims, and disputes. Reiterating the firm’s dedication to excellence and client satisfaction, the team’s global reach enables them to provide comprehensive legal solutions that are customized to meet the specific needs of clients worldwide.

Engaging the services of such a firm in the UK not only leverages the clarity provided by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2023 but also taps into a broader legal landscape encompassing other relevant legislations. This strategic approach grants clients the distinctive advantage of accessing legal protections included in the aforementioned act and beyond. These protections give customers rights and privileges that are comparable to those connected to conventional types of property, strengthening their legal position in blockchain-related matters.

Crypto Legal stands out as a pioneer in its field, being the first firm to integrate an in-house forensic team seamlessly into its operations. This innovative approach ensures a comprehensive blend of legal and forensic services, eliminating the need for outsourcing and ensuring a seamless experience for clients. By synergising the expertise of its legal and forensic teams, Crypto Legal delivers optimal solutions for each case, maximising efficiency and effectiveness.

What sets Crypto Legal apart is not just its innovative structure but also its commitment to providing tailored services to its customers. The firm’s principal associates and partners are dedicated to safeguarding clients’ investments and optimising protection at every step of the process. With an unparalleled level of care and attention, Crypto Legal places the needs of its clients at the forefront, striving to meet their specific requirements with diligence and expertise.

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